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Ápice outsourcing services prioritizes the delivery quality, the commitment to mutually agreed goals and meeting client’s necessities. The constant follow up on the company’s development and performance; means that we can correct and improve the implementation process as we work together towards a successful conclusion.

With offices in Santana and Alphaville in Sao Paulo, Apice Consulting has been requested by many clients looking for competitive advantages in Outsourcing due its privileged localization.

The development of an outsourcing contract should start by identifying the company’s business requirements. The client must get involved with Apice on a SLA elaboration – (Service Level Agreement). An SLA means the guarantee of adjusted company’s costs. Apice offers Outsourcing services with a global delivery model, allowing customers many advantages.

Multiplatform environment:

Management Applications:

To be involved in the Information Technology services cycle:

Resources and specialty- trained team workers in diverse areas.

The operational cost reduction.

Releasing the resources (including the proper manager’s attention) approaching the business organization and keeping the focus on the company’s core business.

More efficient and rationing use of the resources and allowing for the transformation of fixed costs to variable ones.

Access to the latest technology and processes, to guarantee the permanence of specialists inside the organization.

Access to the best market practices;

Risk sharing;

Management and understanding of the customer’s critical areas.

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